TRB – TET PAPER 2 Weightage Calculator

TRB – TET PAPER 2 Weightage Calculator

உங்களுடைய WEIGHTAGE MARKS அறிய

LEVEL OF QUALIFICATION Enter Only Marks in % Weightage
Presented By
G.GOUTHAM, 9659255734

(Calculation Based On Sec Edn/G.O.No.252/Dated 02-05-2012)

function calc1 () { var v1 = document.getElementById(“m1”).value-0; if (v1>=90 && v1=80 && v1=70 && v1=60 && v1=50 && v1=0 && v1<=49){ document.getElementById("m6").value = 0; } else { alert('The number is Not Valid') } } function calc2 () { var v1 = document.getElementById(“m2”).value-0; if (v1>=70 && v1=50 && v10 && v1<=49){ document.getElementById("m7").value = 10; } else { document.getElementById("m7").value = 0; } } function calc3 () { var v1 = document.getElementById(“m3”).value-0; if (v1>=70 && v1=50 && v1=0 && v1<=49){ document.getElementById("m8").value = 0; } else { alert('The number is Not Valid') } } function calc4 () { var v1 = document.getElementById(“m4”).value-0; if (v1>=90 && v1=80 && v1=70 && v1=60 && v1=0 && v1<=59){ document.getElementById("m9").value = 0; } else { alert('Marks Not Eligible For TET') } } function tot() { var v1 = document.getElementById(“m6”).value-0; var v2 = document.getElementById(“m7”).value-0; var v3 = document.getElementById(“m8”).value-0; var v4 = document.getElementById(“m9”).value-0; var v5 = v1+v2+v3+v4; alert(“YOUR MARK IN TET IS ” + v5 + ” THANK YOU “); } window.addEvent(‘domready’, function() { Sexy = new SexyAlertBox(); });

12 responses

  1. I want 2 know that how many candidates have passed in social science(paper 2).. Plz tell me..

  2. Can anybody give the detail of result in subject-wise? Please tell me soon.

  3. Tet exam talenta parisothikkathan aana tet examla 90 yedutthalum 105 yedutthalum ore. Percentage than ithanala tet examoda mark a appadiyea yedutthuttu Bed, degree, plus 2 markkuku mattum thani presentage kodutthu Tet markkoda serkkaalame. .

  4. Though ive scored 104 now im equal to d one who got 90 u guys knw hw difficult it s getting a single mark after 90. Bt here no value fr 14 marks:::: this s ridiculous!!!

  5. Register ur comments plsss

  6. Am also got 87 % IN dtet..
    Considered the same equal to 70% in weightage

  7. I scored 69% in degree . Will I get 12 marks in weightage or zero mark?

  8. Plus two, degree, Bed examoda talenta nampamathan Tet exam vaikkapadukirathu. Tet. exam mark weightagela ovvoru kattathirkum 14 mark different irukku 14 mark yenpathu. Competitive examla satharana visayam illai. Bed, degree, plus 2 markkuku mattum thani weightage podalam . Tet markka fulla than podanum, Tet kku weightage partthal Tet examea thevaiillayea..?

    42(90) tet
    15 bed
    15 degree
    8. hssc
    —– Ithula tet ku value henna?

  9. Mercyless government !!!!!

  10. For the past two months I am giving a comment about it. Also padasalai give one article about requesting new weightage (refer it). But no comment about this. you are absolutely correct. what we do. If one get 104 marks in TET with less weightage he will not get posting. But 90 marks in tet with good weightage will get job.
    Enna koodumai yendral plus two marks. Why they give weightage for plus two? useless weighatage. Instead of plus two give weightage for experience and employment seniority. or higher qualification in their own major. You better refer the padasalai article clearly. Give comment about that.

    For. eg.
    If the vacancies will be 3000
    1. First, select the 3000 candidate on the basis of tet mark list it out.
    2. secondly give weightage to them for rank
    3. Then give posting
    In this you see all the candidates who good marks in TET will get job.
    Some body told tet is a elligible test only. But I am telling each and every one mark scoring in TET is very difficult. So only, those who got 89 marks fighting to get one mark with TRB
    am I correct vel raja sir,

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