என் அழகிய கிராமம்

 செஞ்சிக்கோட்டை கருங்குழி

10 responses

  1. The vernal beauty of ur village lacks the title .Eliciting the name of the village will add more fragrance to the soil.S.Dghssvazhudavoor

  2. god's giftfrom,arun.j

  3. கொள்ளை அழகு!

  4. அழகு…ஆனா ஏன் படத்தை போட்டிங்க …இடத்தை பார்த்தா நம்ம மக்கள் விட மாட்டாங்களே…ஏதாவது தொழிற்சாலை ஆரம்பிச்சு….மாசு படுத்தாம விட மாட்டாங்களே….பத்திரமா பாத்துக்கோங்க!


  6. very beauty by govind from ottampattu gingee

  7. when I looked through your village,I composed the following verse. This village is clad with greenery It presents me beautiful scenery It is dotted with many a mound Which I have no where found The heart of the village has many ponds In the hearts of villagers they have bonds The fields are abound with tall trees Through them travel the cool breeze The way sides are found with bushes Where to sit the birds make rushes Let us be lulled in the lap of nature Which is Gods wonderful creature Let us preserve this Natures beauty And it is,doubtless,our futures duty Though there is a way to towns outside Let us not be away, but live inside Let us fall and pray to our God That this village He must guard Here lets live as healthy citizens Not giving place to wealthy citysons.

  8. Now only I feel so good. I feel i am living with my mother. because my mother living in our village.Thank u dear brother.

  9. Beauty lies on nature. By seeing the sceneries of Karunguzhi village,I want to thank you for your good effort which gives name and fame for your village. pleasure and peace are the asset of villages. Every one should enjoy it. As Gandhiji said"Villages are the backbone of our country." So, we should preserve the beauty of our villages.By S.PUDURKARTHIKEYAN-9442391899

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